mental health services london
mental health services london


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BAME is a term that covers a range of ethnic groups with different experiences.  Research suggests that those in BAME communities with addiction and mental health problems find it even harder to access the right treatment and support, keeping these issues locked in without any support and treatment can exacerbate the problem and can result in poor health outcomes and quality of life for these communities. 

Discrimination, stigma and economic inequalities  also have a impact on mental health this can also lead to addictions to help manage problems.

Addiction and mental health is a taboo topic with many people prevented from even being able to  discuss these problems  due to shame and cultural stigma.

Our goal is to help those in need in BAME and marginalised communities who are struggling to find the right support and treatment. Since being founded in 2000, our mission has been to help marganlized communties access treatment and support  at the point of need.


We understand the pressures of daily life, to meet the needs of our service users we offer also offer support in the evenings and  weekends.

An example of our work in the community is Talib Hussain, boxing coach and 15 years volunteering for (A)OPTA, at the Birmingham City Boxing Club,  he has provided mentorship and coaching that promotes emotional health through emphasis on physical health which improves general mental health and well-being. This programme has been hugely successful with teenagers who have lost their way and become inloved in substance misuse. The (A)OPTA programme of intervention targets negative behaviours and promotes alternate coping behaviours by improving well being and self esteem.

Whether we are conducting research for a local charity or running a harm reduction initiative our mission is always to help those at the point of need.



mental health services in london

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All of the therapies that we provide are evidence based treatments that are effective and successful. Our fully qualified and accredited therapists have UK and international recognition with significant expertise accumulated over the past twenty years.

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For more information about the work we do with individuals and organisations in the community, or if you are seeking addiction and mental health services in London and the West Midlands, get in touch with us at AOPTA for a friendly chat. We can always call you back.

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A Little More About Us...

The (A)OPTA team has worked in collaboration with a number of organisations over the past 20 years undertaking assessments and treatment of addiction and mental health providing expert clinical treatments, advocacy and research. We operate in both Birmingham and London and aim to reduce the impact of gambling, mental health, prescription drug addiction and much more. If you require our assistance, or would like to know more about our services please get in touch with us today.